Are New Sustainable Drainage Guidelines Just a Drop in the Ocean?

New guidelines are being introduced to set standards for sustainable drainagesystems (SuDS). Martin Lambley, product manager for … read more


A Guide to Assessing and Improving Grassland Drainage

Up to 70% of grassland farms could benefit from improved field drainage, according to Adas national specialist Kirk Hill. One in 10 pastures is … read more

Dishes stacked on top of a dishwasher

The Regs: Drainage and Wastewater in Kitchens and Bathrooms

This month I look back at some of the basics of sanitary drainage and point out some of the common traps (pardon the pun) that architects fall … read more

Farmers field protected against flooding

Take Proactive Steps to Protect Against Flooding, Farmers Told

Such improvements in flood defences can be achieved through partnerships between farmers, landowners and internal drainage boards … read more

Author: Greg Child

Greg is an expert in drainage and has been in the business for over 30 years. He's the owner of Coastal Drains Ltd and a very, very friendly chap.

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