Liverpool Lead the Way on Water Fountains

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Liverpool lead the way on water fountains | Letters

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Philanthropist Charles Melly saw a free supply of water as an antidote to drunkenness, writes Susan Major. Plus Harry Holloway recalls his favourite public toilet in LondonLondon has made a big splash about installing public drinking fountains (Londoners to get 100 more drinking fountains by 2020, 12 October) but it … read more

Bahrain applies to Green Climate Fund to help clean up waste from fossil fuels

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Oil-rich kingdom says money is needed to protect against water scarcity but request sparks strong criticism and fears over the fitness of the public fundBahrain – one of the world’s most oil-rich nations – has applied to the international Green Climate Fund for $9.8m for its National Oil and Gas … read more

Is alkaline water a miracle cure? The science is in

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Beyonce and Tom Brady swear by it – but experts throw cold water on the new beverage fadMy friend Kate has become very basic lately. She seems to have a bottle of alkaline water with her at all times and, the way she goes on about it, you’d think it … read more

Some of the countries leading on climate change might surprise you | John Abraham

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Iran is tackling the potential water supply crisis exacerbated by climate changeOn climate change, countries that may not be thought of as climate leaders are emerging at the front-lines on responding to climate change.One great example is Iran. I have the fortune of performing water-use research with a number of … read more

Washing up yourself is good for the soul | Letters

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Readers Eric Banks, Clare Hay, Michael Robinson, and Frances Middletondiscuss the environmental and spiritual pros and cons of dishwashersI have to take issue with Jo Steranka (How you can do your bit in the war against climate change, Letters, 18 October). Dishwashers are typically much more efficient than hand … read more

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