Drought and Low Milk Prices Push Dairy Farmers to the Brink

Dairy cows

Some who rely on irrigation to survive are selling up, while others cut herds and take big financial hits. When the dairy farmer Shane Hickey calculated his hourly rate of pay at just $2.46 last year it prompted a wave of outrage and sympathy. Consumers vowed to change their purchasing habits … read more

Everglades in Crisis: Can This Wetland Avert an Environmental Tragedy?


Climate change and human development have pushed Florida to the brink. Now conservations are finding fresh hope in an unlikely form. At first pass, there seems little amiss in the idyll of Florida Bay. A wedge-shaped expanse of water between the Everglades and the Florida Keys, it is a clean, sun-dappled … read more

First Truly ‘Fine to Flush’ Wet Wipes that Break Down in Sewer Systems Will Soon be Released

Different brands of wet wipes

Bristol-based organic care company claim they are the first firm in Europe to release ‘fine to flush’ wet wipes as part of a worldwide effort to tackle fatbergs, a congealed mass of solid waste … read more

Fat Rat Stuck in Manhole Rescued by Firefighters in Germany

Rat stuck in sewer

Overweight rodent found itself in trouble after it tried to squeeze through a small gap in a sewer cover. A multi-agency rescue operation has taken place in the town of Bensheim in Germany after a tubby rat became stuck in a manhole cover.The rat, still plump with winterspeck – which translates … read more

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