Hosepipe Bans Could Become a thing of the Past

Garden hose spout

Yorkshire Water said the effectiveness of temporary use bans is limited, while behaviour change campaigns could be much more useful … read more

Farmer ‘Outraged’ by Incorrect Charge for Water Disposal

Sheep farmer

An Oxfordshire farmer has expressed his outrage following a three-year battle with two water companies over incorrect charges for the disposal … read more

England’s Running Out of Water – and Privatisation is to Blame

The ocean

Within 25 years the country faces a devastating water shortage. Nationalisation can turn the tide. There’s no mistake that the UK is living in uncertain times. We all anxiously await the fate of Brexit and how the changes will impact our economy, our industries, our friends. But there exists an even … read more

England Could Run Short of Water within 25 Years


Exclusive: Environment Agency chief calls for use to be cut by a third. England is set to run short of water within 25 years, the chief executive of the Environment Agency has warned. The country is facing the ‘‘jaws of death”, Sir James Bevan said, at the point where water demand from … read more

Author: Greg Child

Greg is an expert in drainage and has been in the business for over 30 years. He's the owner of Coastal Drains Ltd and a very, very friendly chap.

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