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How to Clean Gutters from the Ground With a Ladder


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Cleaning your gutters is often a laborious task and can take multiple hours depending on the size and scale of your property. Professional gutter cleaning is a worthwhile service to invest in as not only does it save you time and stress but provides peace of mind knowing that your gutters will be deep-cleaned and any minor problems identified and addressed by experts.

However, if you want to know how to clean gutters from the ground with a ladder by yourself, we have created a safe and structured guide. While you may not be able to deep-clean your gutters or safely reach the higher gutters, our guide should help you clean them to a good enough standard to alleviate the risk of blockages and overflowing.

The Simple Way to Clean Your Gutters Without a Ladder

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There are a number of ways you can clean a gutter from the ground without requiring a ladder. Whether you’re prioritising safety or you don’t have access to a ladder, the below suggestions should help you clean your gutters from the ground.

Use a Hose

One of the easiest ways to clean your gutters from the ground is by using a garden hose. If your house doesn’t have access to a hose, then search for a faucet near your home, most residential blocks will have one. You will also need to purchase a U-shaped gutter-cleaning attachment – this will allow you to position your hose to effectively clear minor blockages. Be sure that your hose is long enough to reach all your gutters.

Cleaning Your Gutters With a Hose from the Ground Up

To begin, attach your hose pipe to a faucet, sink or anything capable of dispensing running water. Attach the U-shaped attached to the end of the hose and lift it into the end of your gutters and gently turn on your hose until the pressure of the water is enough to dislodge minor blockages. Start at the end of your gutters and gently shift the hose towards the downspout, it should be clearing and flushing out debris along the way. Once you’re happy that your gutters have been cleaned, turn the hose off and allow the debris to flush down the downspout (this usually takes a minute or two).
If you notice that your gutters are not draining properly or that big chunks of debris (maybe even tile pieces) are floating through your gutter, it’s likely your gutter is too blocked for a hose to handle. This is where you will need professional gutter cleaning.

Use a Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers can be helpful when you need to clean your gutters from the ground but don’t have access to a ladder or aren’t comfortable using one. Even from the ground, leaf blowers have the ability to clear minor bits of debris from gutters when paired with attachments to help you angle them into your gutter. If you don’t have any extensions for your leaf blower, you can usually buy them at most hardware shops and garden centres. 

When you have found a suitable extension, attach it and begin at one end of the roof and move down towards the downspout, blowing away any debris in the process. Ideally, you would clean your gutters from the ground in dry conditions, as the leaves and debris would be easier to remove and in most cases, more dirt and debris will clump together when there’s no rain to wash it down the downspout.

Cleaning your gutters with a leaf blower in dry conditions every three months or so can help alleviate the risk of rainwater building and clogging the systems. When left, these blockages can cause water to overspill and flood, causing pooling on the ground and foundational damage in severe cases. 

Power Washing from the Ground

Power washing is a stronger way to clean your gutters from the ground but should be done so with caution. Some power washers can be paired up with extension rods to help you reach your gutters. The power exerted by power washers is able to dislodge stubborn blockages and clean the gutters afterwards. However, some power washes can actually damage your gutters because of how powerful they are. So be sure to adjust your power washer to the right setting to minimise the risk of damaging your gutters. 

How to Clean the Outside of Your Gutters

Cleaning the outside of your gutters without a ladder is not as labour intensive or difficult as cleaning the inside. The above methods can be used to good effect, but we’d recommend using a power washer to clean the outside of gutters from the ground. This should be done after you have cleaned the inside of your gutters, to ensure that no debris spoils the outside of your gutter’s appearance. 

To clean, simply adjust the power of your washer and start spraying the gutters. Some washers allow you to mix the solution with soap or bleach for a cleaner finish, but this isn’t essential. Alternatively, if you do have access to a ladder or a means of reaching your gutters safely, soapy water or a simple solution of water and white vinegar works well for cleaning the outside of gutters. Additionally, it won’t damage aluminium guttering. 

How to Clean Downspouts from the Ground

Cleaning a downspout from the ground follows a similar process and approach to cleaning a gutter. Power washers or hoses work well to clear grime and dirt off the outside of the downspout but to clean the inside and flush it out, you would either require a power washer with a U-bend accessory or book a professional to safely clean and flush out the remaining debris. Drain snakes are also a viable alternative for stubborn blockages if you don’t have access to a power washer. Simply lower the drain snake into the downspout and then once the blockage has been dislodged, use a hose to wash out the debris. 

For Professional Gutter and Downspout Cleaning

If you aren’t too keen on cleaning your own gutters from the ground and you would rather employ one of our seasoned professionals to safely clear and clean your gutters, contact us today. Our service is swift and effective, clearing all debris from your gutters and identifying any issues along the way. 

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