Judge Fines Thames Water £2m Over River Pollution

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Utilities firm breached environmental regulations over raw sewage flowing into a brook in the Cotswolds. Thames Water has been handed a £2m fine for a “reckless failure” which led to the polluting of a tributary of the Thames with raw sewage.The £2bn-turnover utilities firm admitted breaching environmental regulations in relation to … read more

Trappist Monks Devise System to Make Beer Without Wasting Water

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Monastery producing 10m litres a year invents plant-based recycling system. Koningshoeven abbey is one of only 12 places in the world to brew Trappist beer, and its monks have won over drinkers around the world.For all their commercial success, however, a nagging sense that money has triumphed over spirituality has prompted … read more

Quiet and Healthy Flows the Gently Meandering River | Stephen Moss

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Restoring the bends to our waterways helps wildlife thrive and enhances the landscapeI was delighted to hear that conservationists in the New Forest have announced a 10-year project to make their streams and brooks more “bendy”, in a process known as “rewetting”. They are adding meanders where before there were … read more

Turning Water into Wine: How Did Simple H2O Become a Luxury Commodity?

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From crystal infusions to water sommeliers and even bottling the frequency of rainbows, the top end of town has well and truly cashed in on the world’s most vital resourceOver the last few years, an unusual and conspicuous sight has become commonplace in the cafes and eateries of Sydney’s inner … read more

Galilee Basin Mine Plans Understated Water Impact, Government Report Says

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Report finds more than 95% chance of hydrological changes to Belyando river basin from mines including CarmichaelCoalmines planned in the Galilee Basin – including Adani’s Carmichael mine – understated the likely impacts on surrounding water resources, a federal government scientific report has found.The bioregional assessment report into the cumulative impact … read more

Murray-Darling Basin Water Management Faces ‘Unique Fraud Risks’, Audit Reveals

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Ernst & Young report previously withheld from the public says $3.2bn water fund poses serious risks The commonwealth faces “unique fraud risks” arising from its management of the $3.2bn portfolio of environmental water in the Murray-Darling Basin, an internal audit has found.The audit, written by Ernst & Young, and previously … read more

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