How Eco-Friendly is Your Cleaning Routine?

How eco-friendly is YOUR cleaning routine?

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With the cleaning craze showing no signs of slowing down, drains company Lanes Group are hoping to use the trend to educate people on how to be more eco-friendly.. … read more

Some of the countries leading on climate change might surprise you | John Abraham

Earth, Blue Planet, Globe, Planet, World

Iran is tackling the potential water supply crisis exacerbated by climate changeOn climate change, countries that may not be thought of as climate leaders are emerging at the front-lines on responding to climate change.One great example is Iran. I have the fortune of performing water-use research with a number of … read more

Electric food – the new sci-fi diet that could save our planet | George Monbiot

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Growing food without plants or animals sounds like science fiction. But it could stop environmental destructionIt’s not about “them”, it’s about us. The horrific rate of biological annihilation reported this week – 60% of the Earth’s vertebrate wildlife gone since 1970 – is driven primarily by the food industry. Farming … read more

Science meets Society

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Start of the lecture series addressing concepts of transdisciplinary researchA new lecture series – starting on November 7 and organized by the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean” – will inform about ways to co-create knowledge and solutions for ocean sustainability. The UN Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by all United … read more

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