‘Fine to Flush’ Label for Wet Wipes to Aid Fight Against Fatbergs

Logo drawn up by water firms aims to ensure only wipes that degrade properly are flushed. The fight to eliminate “fatbergs” is to receive a major boost with the launch of a universal standard for wet wipes, clarifying which can be safely flushed down the toilet. Manufacturers of wipes will be able … read more

Don’t Feed the Fatberg: What Not to Flush

Toilet, Loo, Wc, Public Toilet

The rubbish we dispose of down sinks and toilets is creating monster-sized blockages in sewerage systems. How can we stop them forming?The discovery of another horrific monster-sized fatberg, this time in Sidmouth in Devon, raises the question: what can we do to stop them forming?… read more

‘Horror Scene’: Meet the Man Who Found the Sidmouth Fatberg

Jurassic Coast, Sidmouth, Devon, England

Charlie Ewart discovered the 64-metre lump and will be part of the team breaking it up Charlie Ewart, a 51-year-old father of two from Plymouth, has been battling blockages in the sewers of south-west England for 15 years. But even he was not prepared for the dreadful sight, and smell, of … read more

Sixty-Four-Metre ‘Fatberg’ Discovered in English Seaside Resort

Roll, Toiletries, Toilet Roll, Cardboard

Eight weeks needed to remove mass of fat, oil and wet-wipes from sewer in Sidmouth, Devon. A block of hardened fat, oil and wet-wipes longer than six double-decker buses has been discovered in a sewer metres from the sea in a popular Devon resort town.It will take workers eight weeks to … read more

Darling River Fish Kill: Cotton Industry Says It Won’t be ‘the Whipping Boy’ for Disaster

Fly Fishing, Fishing Rod, Fishing, Rod

NSW Labor calls for special commission of inquiry into the environmental disaster. The cotton industry says it is not to blame for the mass deaths of hundreds of thousands of fish in the Darling River and is tired of being a “whipping boy” for problems associated with the drought.Communities in the … read more

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