Plastic in the Sea Will Triple in 10 Years as We Treat Our Oceans as Sewers, MPs Have Warned

Plastic bottles caught in a fishing net

Plastic litter, untreated sewage, fertilisers and heavy metals, is pouring into the oceans, the UK’s Environmental Audit Committee has warned. … read more

Full Carbonate Chemistry at the Site of Calcification in a Tropical Coral

Fish in a coral reef

Coral calcification: Microscope-guided microsensor measurements reveal full carbonate chemistry at the site of calcification in a tropical coralResearchers from the Centre Scientifique de Monaco (CSM), the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen and the University of Kiel (CAU) have succeeded in directly measuring three key parameters necessary for … read more

‘Stop Treating Seas as a Sewer,’ MPs Urge in Bid for Protection Treaty

Sewer Pipe Discharging into the Ocean

Paris agreement for the sea recommended as rates of plastic pollution to skyrocketA new global agreement to protect the seas should be a priority for the government to stop our seas becoming a “sewer”, according to a cross-party group of MPs.Plastic pollution is set to treble in the next decade, … read more

‘It’s Happening Again’: Menindee Residents Devastated as Fish Kill Conditions Return

A pile of dead fish

Anne Davies watches fish dying on the Darling River in western NSW after a mass kill just a week ago“It’s happening again,” says Menindee local Graeme McCrabb, as we stand on the banks of the Darling River, downstream from the fish kill on 7 January that resulted in the deaths … read more

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