How the Election is Raising Environmental Stakes

Victoria’s forestry fight: how the election is raising the environmental stakes

Forest in the fog

Major parties want ‘sustainable logging’ in native forests, but experts warn of ‘endgame’ for endangered species and drinking water. To understand the campaign to save Victoria’s old growth forests, ecologist David Lindenmayer says, you just need to turn on a tap in Melbourne.Forget about the critically endangered Leadbeater’s possum, a species … read more

Michael McCormack announces extra $500m for water projects

Water projects

Labor says plan is a ‘thought bubble’ and attacks Coalition’s record on building damsMichael McCormack has announced an extra $500m for water infrastructure projects, including dams, a near doubling of capital spending in the Coalition’s water infrastructure fund.The acting prime minister and Nationals leader gave few details on Monday about … read more

‘Rich soup of life’ in Gwent wetlands at risk from motorway


Campaigners fear the loss of rare biodiversity if a £1bn bypass is approved by the Welsh assemblyThe Gwent Levels is a low-lying patchwork of wetlands, divided by drainage ditches first dug by the Romans, that is so full of life that conservationists compare its diversity to the Amazon rainforest.But this … read more

Country diary: the dry summer has left fish dangerously exposed


Tunstall valley, Weardale: Streams have become mere trickles and a third of the reservoir is still mudSix months ago, when I stood on this bridge over Waskerley beck, which flows from the head of the Tunstall valley, the reservoir that it supplies was brimful. A rapid thaw after late heavy … read more

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