The New Household Rules: Ditch Your Toilet Brush and Wash Much, Much More

Person moping a kitchen floorHow many towels does one person need? Should you change your sheets each week? And do you really have to clean the toilet with nothing but your rubber gloves? Experts on 10 modern domestic dilemmas. Domestic questions that are burning and unanswerable in more or less equal measure are a staple … read more

Great Barrier Reef Coral at Risk of Bleaching from Queensland Flood Waters

Clown fish in the Great Barrier Reef

Marine park authority fear freshwater bleaching after scientists report ‘extensive’ flood plumes and drop in water salinity Freshwater bleaching of corals could occur this year as a result of flood waters from Queensland’s overflowing rivers pouring into the Great Barrier Reef, the marine park authority has warned. The Great Barrier Reef … read more

Murray-Darling Authority Promises to Upgrade Climate Science After Criticism

Melting ice in the Arctic result of climate change

Scientists invited to collaborate on climate change following mass fish kills and royal commission findings. In the wake of mass fish kills in the Menindee Lakes in January and scorching criticism of its stewardship of the Murray-Darling Basin, the Murray-Darling Basin Authority has announced that it will upgrade its scientific work … read more

Colombian Tribe Calls for Action on Alleged Effects of UK Oil Firm

Oil digging out at sea

In part two of our series, indigenous Siona people claim their health is being affected by apparent contamination of river. María Isaura Cuaran, an indigenous Siona woman, is displaying a rash that has appeared at the base of her neck. It is barely visible, but there nonetheless. Pulling her turquoise top … read more

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