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The Perforated Drain Pipe and What You Need to Know

The Perforated Drain Pipe and What You Need to Know


A perforated drain pipe is one of the most essential aspects of your drainage system. Perforated drain pipes provide drainage solutions to excessive standing water near the building foundations of your domestic or commercial property.

Perforated drain pipes are most commonly used to move rainwater away from the house so that it can drain elsewhere. Commonly situated near the base of your home’s foundations, perforated drain pipes help provide optimal drainage for your property so that the likelihood of standing groundwater is significantly reduced. Find out more about perforated drain pipes and how they can prevent water damage to your property below.

How Does a Perforated Drain Pipe Work?

Perforated Drain Pipe

A perforated drain pipe is designed in such a way that it allows water to enter or exit through a number or small holes along the pipe. This allows excess groundwater to be drained from your property and released elsewhere. Below are some of the most common uses of perforated drain pipes.

Common Uses for Perforated Drain Pipes

There are a number of uses for perforated pipes and we have listed some of the most common below so that you can get an idea of what these systems can do.

Perforated Pipes for Swimming Pools: Perforated drain pipes are commonly used to help fill swimming pools. Water is passed through the pipes and slowly drained back into the pool through the small holes in the pipe. A benefit of filling swimming pools using perforated drain pipes is that the holes in these pipes are very small, so there is a very reduced risk of any unwanted debris draining down into the pool while it is being filled.

Draining Water from Under a House: When the weather gets bad and there is a huge amount of rainfall, your property can suffer with an overflow of rainwater. However, this excess of water does not need to drown your lawn or start flooding your property. You can avoid these serious problems with the help of a perforated drain pipe. Having a perforated pipe underneath your property will help drain excess water away from your home, leaving the area dry and avoiding costly problems like rot and water damage.

Perforated Pipes and Landscapes: A well designed garden landscape can transform your outdoor space, but it is important to protect your garden from changing weather conditions. Using perforated pipes discreetly in your garden landscape can help to absorb excessive rainwater, draining it away from your garden and property. By installing perforated pipes under the ground, excess water can be drained away so that your garden landscape is not at risk of damage.

Perforated Pipes and Irrigation: If you are a keen gardener living in a hot climate, you will know the importance of keeping your garden well watered. Perforated drain pipes are one of the best ways to do this. These pipes collect excess water from the soil and drain it directly down to the roots of your plants, providing clean water right where it’s needed. Not only can this help keep your garden healthy, but it also prevents a build-up of water on the surface of the soil. So, it’s a win-win situation.

How to Install a Perforated Drain Pipe

Perforated Drain Pipe

In order for perforated drain pipes to work properly, they must be installed on a slope so they can provide optimal drainage.

When a perforated drain pipe is installed by our professional team, it provides an effective solution to any problems you are experiencing with excessive groundwater near your property. Installing a perforated drain pipe can be done in six easy steps.

Step One: Digging the Trench

Before our team install your perforated drain pipe, we start by choosing the best location for it. We want your perforated pipe to work effectively and that means locating it in the most useful place. Often, the best place for these pipes is under your property or in your garden. So, once we have located the best place, we commence the installation.

We start by digging a trench that is twice as wide as the drainage pipe and deep enough to install the pipe below the frost line. For larger installations, we can carry out more extensive excavations if this is necessary.

Step Two: Creating the Slope

As we mentioned above, in order for a perforated pipe to work effectively it is important a slope is created to help drain water away from your property. As experts in drain installations, we know the precise gradient level required to make water drainage effective, so we can create a slope that will ensure the most effective drainage.

Step Three: Levelling the Soil

It is always important to level the soil in the drainage trench in order to provide a firm base to lay the pipe onto. At Coastal Drains, we have the latest equipment to level the soil to an extremely high standard. Levelling the soil properly will ensure your perforated pipe installation lasts and works properly for many years to come.

Step Four: Cover with Gravel

Filling the trench with gravel will prevent the soil from sinking and clogging up the pipe when it rains. Gravel helps to keep everything in place, ensuring your perforated pipe lasts and lasts. It is important that the trench is filled with gravel up to 2 inches so that the pipe can fit comfortably on top.

Step Five: Laying the Perforated Pipe

Once the gravel has been levelled, the next step is to place the perforated pipe on top of the gravel. Some people choose to wrap a sock or a piece of fabric around the pipe in an extra measure to prevent soil and debris from entering the pipe and causing blockages, but we don’t recommend this.

Step Six: Completing the Installation

Once the perforated pipe has been laid, fill the trench with gravel until the pipe is covered and then replace any remaining soil back over the gravel to protect the pipe as much as possible. And that’s it! Of course, it is important to note that any and all perforated drain installations must be carried out by a professional. If you attempt to install a pipe yourself, you may cause more damage than good. At Coastal Drains, we have over 10 years’ of experience in the drainage industry. So, when you call us to carry out an installation, we can perform it to the highest standard.

We Provide Drain Installations

If you are considering having a perforated drain pipe installed in your property, whether domestic or commercial, call our team today. We are proud to provide professional drain installation carried out by our team of fully-trained and experienced experts. Whether your installation requires a small excavation or a “deep dig” excavation, we are qualified to undertake these works responsibly on your behalf. Why choose Coastal Drains?

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