The Pipeline Plan that Will Drain the Lower Darling River Dry

Cracked Ground as a Result of a Drought

‘If you think this is bad,’ say locals of recent mass fish kills, ‘just wait until the Menindee Lakes project goes ahead’On the banks of the Darling, near Menindee, two grown men are fighting back tears.It’s a week on from the fish kill that saw hundreds of thousands of fish … read more

‘Stop Treating Seas as a Sewer,’ MPs Urge in Bid for Protection Treaty

Ocean Waves Hitting the Rocks

Paris agreement for the sea recommended as rates of plastic pollution to skyrocketA new global agreement to protect the seas should be a priority for the government to stop our seas becoming a “sewer”, according to a cross-party group of MPs.Plastic pollution is set to treble in the next decade, … read more

Water crisis: New South Wales Council Mayors Travel to Sydney to Demand Help

Water Droplet

Five mayors warn their towns could run out of water within weeks and call for their needs to be prioritised over irrigatorsThe mayors of several western New South Wales councils have warned their townships face major water crises within weeks and have urged the state government to impose a one-month … read more

Murray-Darling Fish Kill: Extreme Weather and Low River Flow Led to Drop in Oxygen Levels

Dead Fish in a Pile

NSW report says a temperature plunge from 46C to 28C contributed to the ‘unprecedented’ death of ‘hundreds of thousands of fish’Little or no flow in the Darling River and a plunge from high temperatures are likely to have led to conditions that caused a catastrophic drop in oxygen levels prior … read more

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