There’s Nothing Inevitable About Water Shortages | Letters

Ocean waves in the sunset

Readers respond to the news that England could run short of water within 25 years, and offer solutions. Your report on looming water shortages (England could run short of water within 25 years, 19 March) clearly identifies the challenge of meeting demand for water while preserving the natural environment. Of course … read more

Improving Britain’s Geological Mapping | Letter

UK map

By working in partnership with organisations like the Environment Agency, we are prioritising our work to ensure that it delivers best value and multiple benefits to the country, write Rob Ward and Jon Ford of the British Geological Survey. David Nowell (Letters, 23 March) suggests that the Environment Agency should put … read more

Weatherwatch: Want a Warm Spring? Careful What You Wish For

Spring blossoms

Many are hoping for a repeat of spring 2011, but warm, dry weather has its consequences. With last year’s “beast from the east” fading from our memory, many of us are hoping for a warm, dry spring. Spring 2011 was a classic example: the second driest across England and Wales in … read more

Time to Follow Golf’s Surprising Lead and Find Different Ways to be Green

Green fern

Turf sports will not flourish in a changing climate unless they start planning to make do with less waterIn these darkly surreal times, sport sometimes seems to have the answer. Not for sanity, too late indeed. But for tiny moments of bliss – a perfectly balanced flick off the toes … read more

Author: Greg Child

Greg is an expert in drainage and has been in the business for over 30 years. He's the owner of Coastal Drains Ltd and a very, very friendly chap.

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