Trump Administration Condemned Over Delaying Action on Toxic Drinking Water

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EPA to spend at least another year considering whether to restrict toxic chemicals found in drinking water. Environment advocates have condemned Trump administration plans to spend at least another year considering whether to restrict toxic chemicals increasingly found in drinking water across the country.The chemicals – known as PFOS and PFOA … read more

Murray-Darling Basin’s Outlook is Grim Unless it Rains, Authority’s Report Warns

Rain making puddles

Focus for year ahead will be on ‘providing drought refuges and avoiding irreversible loss of species’ The outlook for the environment in the Murray-Darling Basin, particularly in the north, is extremely challenging and there will be almost no scope for environmental flows for the remainder of the 2018-19 year unless … read more

Former NSW Minister said Farmer Could Use River Water in Dry Spell, Court hears

Swan bathing in river water

Kevin Humphries denies telling cotton farmer Anthony Barlow he could pump water during embargo. A cotton farmer who has pleaded guilty to pumping over 153-Olympic-swimming-pools-worth of water from the Barwon River in western New South Wales during a dry spell in 2015 says he did so because he was assured by … read more

Underground by Will Hunt Review – the Worlds Beneath Our Feet

Dried ground

Parisian sewers, old gold mines and the Mole Man of Hackney in a thrilling celebration of the subterranean. When I was a child, around the corner from my home in east London lived a man named William Lyttle. For decades Lyttle had been digging a series of tunnels underneath his house … read more

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