Water Shortage on Way in the Next Two Decades Experts Warn

Experts are warning that the UK could plunge into the ‘jaws of death’ with a severe water shortage hitting by 2050. The warning, which has … read more

Road markings in the UK and new drain systems

Keep Clear Road Markings and How Much Has Been Spent on New Road

Drains have been cleaned and strengthened along the A20 and the A25, which includes seven lagoons on the Thanet Way, in place to hold … read more

Grabbing a water bottle during water shortage

Why is Water-Rich Britain Predicting Water Shortages?

The BBC warns that climate change could cause ‘water shortages in England “within 25 years”’. The Daily Mail is even more sensational … read more

Branded wet wipes

Yorkshire Water Customers Pledge to Stop Flushing Wipes

Spreading the message that flushing wipes blocks pipes, the water companydeployed their “wipesaur,” an eight-foot-tall fatberg dinosaur … read more

World water day march

Water Companies to ‘March’ in Support of World Water Day

Water companies across the UK will be marking WaterAid’s world water day by “marching” in support of providing safe drinking water all over … read more

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