Looking for drain repairs in Brighton? 

Coastal Drain offer all the emergency services you need, acting promptly and quickly, with the minimum logistic discomfort and covers the whole of Brighton and Hove.

Our range of drain repair methods uses the most advanced technologies and thanks to our trained technicians we can provide a fully efficient and integrated service.

We cover the whole of Brighton and Hove and offer free quotes and emergency response times. We can also cover insurance claims.

Where traditional methods are necessary, we will make use of all of our expertise in all types and sizes of excavation: Coastal Drains’ expert supervisors and skilled operatives will find the most suitable solution to your problems, plan the intervention and carry out drainage replacement and blocked drain repair in the shortest time possible.

drain repair1Our experience in all types of drainage excavation, replacement and installation in Brighton includes:

  • Current drainage, fixing surface water
  • Drainage plants from 2 -150 person
  • Foul and surface water pumping stations
  • Land and flood alleviation systems
  • Gravity systems, installation and replacement
  • Expert drainage design
  • Replacing drain Lining / Pipe Rehabilitation

drain repairWhen the damage covers an area too great to use Structural Patch Lining, Drain Relining technology is a better option because it is more cost effective than excavation and ensures the minimum disruption possible. Furthermore, in most cases it can be installed and cured on the same day, although the timing depends on the type of resin and the ambient temperature. The damaged drain is filled with a resin-impregnated liner which expands through water or air pressure. The liner is installed against the sides of the damaged drain until it cures. The type of resin used and the ambient temperature impact upon the curing time.

We have many happy customers throughout Brighton and Hove, and pride ourselves on not only our expertise, but also our dedication to customer service.

Patch Lining

drain repair3

Patch lining is another alternative stress-free method to the excavation that we use to repair damaged pipes and which solve and reduces the risk of repurposing of problems like leaks, root intrusion damage, rat infestation, offset and open joints. This method avoids the line or the excavation of the whole pipe when the damage is localised in a few points.

Through a CCTV inspection of the pipe, it is possible to establish the location of damaged area(s). Then the patch liner material is covered with a resin and mounted on an inflatable tube which is inserted into the pipe and inflated to bond the patch with the damaged section of pipe. The tube will be removed from the pipe when the resin has hardened leaving a strong, durable repair.

If you need any drain repairs in Brighton or are suffering from block drain call us, or email us today.