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At Coastal Drains, we don’t just offer services; we deliver expertise. As specialists in pitch fibre pipes, you can trust us to handle your unique drainage needs with precision and professionalism. Our extensive knowledge allows us to provide repair and restoration solutions for your pitch fibre drainage pipes, extending their life by potentially another half-century.

We understand that every home has a story, and it’s disheartening to watch an older, cherished residence exhibit the wear and tear of time. That’s why we not only prioritise the technical aspects of our job but also ensure minimal interruption to your daily routines.

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Re-Rounding Pitch Fibre Pipes

As pipes start to age, one of the problems that can develop is that they become deformed. A pipe wall can often close in, leading to it losing its shape and potentially ending up with blockages. Re-rounding pitch fibre pipes reverses this, and as a damaged pipe will undoubtedly end up failing and needing replacing, it is a much more cost-effective solution.

To restore your pitch fibre pipework, we will insert a re-rounding tool into your drainage system and pull it through the pipe. This restores its previously round shape. After this is done, we insert resin lining into the inside of the pipe to restore its strength and integrity.

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Most pipes can be fully restored, but there are occasionally collapsed pipes which are not suitable for drain repairs by way of re-rounding and replacing the resin lining. However, Coastal Drains has a high success rate when it comes to re-rounding pipes and we would always recommend that this method is tried first. You will never know if it can be repaired unless someone tries it out, and we have the tools and the knowledge necessary to get the job done.

We are experts when it comes to pitching fibre drain repair, so if you need a reliable service to fix a damaged pipe before it leads to a blocked drain, call us today and we will be delighted to lend a hand.

How Much Does Re-Rounding Pitch Fibre Pipes Cost?

The cost of repairing a pitch fibre drain is substantially less than the cost of replacing pitch fibre drains. For instance, the cost of relining a 100mm pitch fibre drain at a depth of 1.8m, as opposed to digging it up and replacing it entirely, has savings of over £6,000.

Prices may also increase if you attempt to replace it and do not know how to cut pitch fibre pipes, so getting a professional to repair your drainage pipes rather than trying to replace them yourself can save you trouble in the future. There are also further savings to be made in terms of energy and discarding, as pitch fibre pipe repair also has an impact on your carbon footprint and the material requires specialised disposal at a landfill site.

The cost of relining pitch fibre drains is much less than replacing the system, and we want to help you make the best decision for your home and your drainage pipes. If you would like more information about the prices we charge for pitch fibre drain repair, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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We are experts in our industry and we know how to deal with pitch fibre sewer pipes of all shapes and sizes. This means that we will always provide a service to suit your drainage needs, and our 24/7 callout times, professional same-day assistance and policy of no hidden charges mean that you can always rely on us, no matter when we’re needed.

For all your needs relating to pitch fibre pipes, contact Coastal Drains today. We provide a service that means we have truly earned the title of pitch fibre specialist.

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