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How You Can Spot a Sewage Leak on Your Property


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One problem that homeowners will want taken care of as quickly and as efficiently as possible is a sewage leak. These are not only a problem because of the unpleasant smells and dampness they can bring to your property, but they can also cause further damage to the surrounding areas, allow for a large spread of bacteria and can even attract vermin.

The longer this is allowed to go on, the longer it will take to repair the leak, alongside any other harm it has done to your property. In turn, this will also cost more from your overall budget. To prevent this, it is best to handle the problem as soon as you have found it.

At Coastal Drains, we take great pride in our expertise over all areas of drainage, and we are more than happy to share this information with customers who require it. Below, we have written some advice on how to spot a sewage leak on your property, what to do if you find one and how it is most beneficial to you to get the problem sorted out as quickly as possible. 

We are also more than willing to help repair sewage leaks coming from private drains, so if you have a drain that isn’t working the way it needs to, contact us and our team can come to your location in no time at all. They will be able to carry out a detailed inspection of your property and find the best way to repair the leak in your individual circumstances, all at a price which will not hurt your budget.

12 Signs You Have a Sewage Leak

There are a number of different signs to watch out for, if you think you may have a sewage leak somewhere in or around your property. Spotting these signs early on can often help prevent greater damage being done to your home, so it is best to follow them up when you notice them. Then, you can report the sewage leak and get a professional drainage company or your local water authority in to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Our twelve signs that you have a sewage leak in your garden, house or areas around your property are:

  1. Unusually high water bills (check for patterns and trends in previous bills if unsure)
  2. Low water pressure in taps or toilets
  3. Reduced water flow in taps and shower heads
  4. Odd sounds, such as constant running water
  5. Unexplained damp areas around your property interior
  6. Foul smells, particularly the smell of rotten eggs
  7. Poor drainage around your property
  8. The appearance of rats around your property
  9. The appearance of insects such as gnats and mosquitoes around your property
  10. Changes in your landscaping, such as unusually lush grash
  11. Pools of water forming around your property
  12. Cracks forming around the foundations of buildings on your site

If you have any one or more of these symptoms showing around your property, it is highly likely that there is sewage leaking from a drain somewhere. At this stage, it is important that you report the sewage leak to either a professional drainage service, or your area’s water company.

Leaking Sewage and Health Hazards

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If there is a sewage leak in your house, garden, or any area around your property, you may be putting yourself at risk if you do not do something about it. Leaking sewage and health hazards go hand in hand, as raw sewage flooding your property becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. 

This bacteria comes from everything that gets washed into your sewer line, from human or food waste, to soaps and detergents, chemicals, cleaning items and beauty products. These products all mix in the sewage, helping the spread of microorganisms. From there, it is possible that a number of diseases may be caught from the area around the leak.

Bacteria is not the only risk associated with leaking sewage; health hazards such as noxious fumes and gases may also gather in great amounts if the build-up is allowed to continue. This can deprive residents and visitors to your property of oxygen, and even cause dangerous illnesses.

If you have a sewage leak in your garden, house, or somewhere else on your property, please report it as soon as you can. Whether you need to go to your local authority to get the problem taken care of, or have to get in touch with an expert drainage firm, it is the best thing to do for your health and the safety of those who live or work on your site.

What to Do if You Have a Sewage Leak

What to do if you have sewage leaking from a drain depends on who is responsible for maintaining your drains. If the problem is found outside your property’s boundaries, it is part of the public sewer and therefore up to your local water company to repair and maintain it. In this case, you will not have to do anything beyond reporting the sewage leak, as your water company will send a team to repair the damaged pipe.

If the pipe you need repairing is within the boundaries of your property, or has been declared a private sewer, it will be up to you as the property owner to ensure the problem is fixed. This means hiring a professional drainage company to repair the leak, and taking care of the costs yourself. In these cases, you should make sure that you are getting the best deal for your drains as well as your budget.

We Repair Private Sewers and Drains

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At Coastal Drains, we have spent years honing our skills and gathering knowledge to provide the best services to our customers, no matter what they need. Whether you have a sewage leak in your garden, house or even somewhere else around your property, we will have seen the problem before and know exactly what to do to get the leak repaired. 

Our years in the business also mean that we have the latest available technology, so we can re-line your drains even without digging them up! This makes the process less invasive, creates less mess and means there will be little to no disruption to your daily life.

We will even be happy to replace your pipes, if they are found to be too old or worn out to restore to full working order.

Get in Touch for Professional Repairs of Private Sewer Pipes

If you own a private sewer and you know that there is sewage leaking from a drain on your property, contact us today. Our dedicated team can help you to decide whether you should call your local water company and report a sewage leak near your house, or set up a booking if our highly qualified and fully trained drainage engineers are able to tackle the issue.

We love what we do and we want you to have perfectly working drains, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch when you need us most. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so even if there is an emergency on your property, we will be ready.