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Is It a Tenant’s Responsibility to Clean Gutters?

Is It a Tenant’s Responsibility to Clean Gutters?


In most cases, the responsibility for repairing gutters lies with the property owner, managing agent, or landlord of a building, not the tenant. According to the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, a landlord is responsible for clearing blocked or broken gutters. 

Landlords must also provide maintenance for other water systems such as drains, gutters and external pipes, as well as anything else on the outside of the property.

This responsibility is outlined in Section 11 of the legislation, which states that they are responsible for maintaining all installations relating to the supply of water, gas, electricity or sanitation. There are slightly different rules for owner occupiers with live-in lodgers.

Tenant's Responsibility to Clean Gutters

What Do Landlords and Tenants Need to Know About Gutters?

Here we will explain more about what tenants and landlords need to know, and what to do, about cleaning gutters on a dwelling. We offer a range of drainage and gutter cleaning services that are suitable for both tenants and landlords across the south coast region of the UK.

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Gutter Cleaning Responsibility: What to Know If You Are a Tenant

While it is legally the responsibility of the landlord to repair the structure and interior of a property, they may expect the tenant to clean the gutters. This is because simple cleaning can prevent issues from arising and reduce the need for gutter repairs. 

A good first tip is to check your tenancy agreement for any mention of gutter cleaning. If a landlord has a gutter system that might become blocked, such as those near a tree, they might specify the tenant must clean it to prevent damage from occurring.

If this is the case, you have a couple of different options:

  1. Clean the gutters yourself, which may be simple to do with a ladder and garden gloves, to make sure the system flows as normal
  2. Use a professional cleaning service, which is easier, saves time and gives you a more reliable result, but will incur a small charge

When a tenant moves in, the landlord will have to make any repairs to damage on the guttering – but the key for tenants is the cleaning vs repair duty. Repair is always on the landlord’s head, but a landlord may choose to make tenants responsible for cleaning by specifying this in the lease.

Gutter cleaning responsibilities generally fall under a similar classification as garden care requirements, like mowing the lawn, weeding, and similar preventative care.

Gutter Cleaning Responsibility: What to Know If You Are a Landlord

Gutter Cleaning Responsibility: What to Know If You Are a Landlord

If you are a landlord with a managing agent that carries out repairs or cleaning on your behalf then you will not normally have to worry about cleaning or maintaining gutter systems. But, a hands-on landlord can save time and money by putting gutter cleaning in a tenant’s agreement

As many people have concerns about the condition of a property let to a tenant, there is protection in the law that requires they act in what is legally called a ‘tenant-like manner’. This simply means that a landlord can reasonably expect small jobs to be completed by a tenant.

Aside from specifying cleaning in a lease, a landlord can try the following to prevent issues:

  • Install gutter guards, which go over the top of the gutters and prevent debris from building up – therefore reducing the need for cleaning overall
  • Use a professional cleaner, which can be done alongside gutter guards or not, and will offer a degree or preventive maintenance as professionals can also spot repair needs

Once damage occurs, the landlord is responsible. As a result, investing in regular professional cleaning services can take it out of your hands – and off your mind – and give your tenants a bit less hassle and breathing space should things start to go wrong!

Is It a Tenant’s Responsibility to Clean Gutters?

Is It a Tenant’s Responsibility to Clean Gutters?

It might be a tenant’s responsibility to clean gutters if specified in the tenancy agreement, but it is often the role of the landlord – who may clean them to help prevent damage that might require repair. If any damage occurs that is not the tenant’s fault, the landlord is always responsible.

The consequences of not cleaning gutters can be severe. Potential issues that can arise include water run-off that damages walls and enters a building, mould, insect infestations, foundation problems and flooding, so cleaning is well worthwhile! 
Whether you are a tenant or landlord we can take all the stress out of cleaning or repairing gutters. You can make use of our experienced professional team and get a quote for cleaning gutters and many other drainage or water main issues. Contact us to get the lowest price.