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Minimally Invasive Drain Lining

Relining involves installing drain lining or structural pipe lining that bonds to the inside of existing damaged pipes – like creating a new pipe inside the old one. This method can be used in drains as small as 100mm in diameter, all the way up to 1,500 mm-diameter culverts.

Leaving your drainage problems due to budget or the fear of invasive procedures could lead to more problems arising, like leaks, flooding, foul odours, and structural damage in the future; making your life miserable.

As one of the only drain lining companies that can ensure that the whole process of repairing your drain with our expert structural liners and drain lining services will be as minimally invasive and cost-effective as possible, Coastal Drains is here to help you get your drainage problems solved.

Drain and Sewer Pipe Relining

The start of the process is the most important, beginning with surveying the damage that has occurred to the original pipework and setting out a plan of action. In order for this to happen, the internals of the damaged or blocked drain pipe are jet washed, then a small camera is sent along the inside – allowing us to effectively inspect the current condition of the pipe without the need to dig the pipe up.

Once the team determines that drain lining is the best course of action to solve your problem, the liner is then gently fed into the damaged pipework until it covers the entire area of the affected area. Once the drain lining is in place, an airbag within the liner is inflated; pushing the liner to cover the diameter of the pipe. The liner will then take a bit of time to harden and cure into a usable condition, creating a second pipe within the pipe itself.

How Does It Work?

Once hardened, the airbag is deflated and removed, allowing us to inspect the pipe with our camera once again; enabling us to inspect the quality of work. This is also when we could cut any holes into the drain lining to reconnect any other pipes to the host pipe. After the inspection, and any required cutting, the drain or sewer line will be deemed fit for purpose and ready to use once again.

Although this process may sound complicated at first glance, you can rest assured that this is a far cheaper and faster process than manually digging up the damaged drain and replacing it. This process also ensures that your home is not overrun with loud drills and banging, with only a few quiet tools being used to make this as minimally invasive as possible.

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What You Can Expect from Our Drain Lining Service

When you choose Coastal Drains to complete your high-quality drain lining, we can ensure that it is completed as minimally invasive and cost-effective as it can be.

Rather than having the need to dig your land up to access your drain properly, we complete a CCTV survey of your drains, and then access can be gained from ground level; with all repairs carried out within the drain itself.

We do this in order to preserve the original look of your land, without the need to have obscene building works tarnishing the look of your home.

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For drainage projects and repairs in Sussex, Coastal Drains guarantees the best value. Our competitive pricing beats out other companies in the region.

We offer 24/7 emergency response with no call-out fees, so you never have to stress about surprise charges. Our service area spans all of Sussex, from Billingshurst to Eastbourne and Brighton to Crowborough.

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