Blocked Sink Brighton

Blocked Sink Brighton Our team at Coastal Drains are proud to represent the city of Brighton and are happy to service any drainage-related issues. Servicing drains across the south of England, we undertake any drain-related issue, no matter how big or small. Our team offer unrivalled services across Brighton and Hove as we firmly believe … Continue reading “Blocked Sink Brighton”

How to Unblock a Toilet  

Ah, the blocked toilet, one of the most unpleasant problems that sadly won’t go away on its own. Blocked toilets are unhygienic, smelly and downright unpleasant. If you are currently suffering with a blocked toilet, look no further, we have written this article especially for you! It includes our top tips and advice. This article will … Continue reading “How to Unblock a Toilet  “

Turning Fatbergs into Fuel  

Walking the streets of London, many of us remain unaware of the expansive Victorian sewer system running beneath our feet. This sewer system is the engineering envy of the world and has kept our sewage running smoothly for hundreds of years. However, the accessible amenities of modern society have meant we are flushing things down … Continue reading “Turning Fatbergs into Fuel  “

Coastal Drain Repairs: Worthing

Drain Repairs in Worthing Here at Coastal Drains, we understand the issues and concerns that come with drainage faults, in fact, we know them all too well!  Our dedicated teams across the south coast are constantly serving and aiding customers every day. We pride ourselves on our customer response rate and satisfaction and we have no intention … Continue reading “Coastal Drain Repairs: Worthing”

What Happens When You Flush?

Today, we discuss what happens when you flush. I know, it’s not a particularly delightful process, but it’s something very few people understand. Like all forms of waste disposal, we don’t often contemplate where our waste water goes or where it ends up. We pull the plug or flush the toilet without a second thought. … Continue reading “What Happens When You Flush?”

Blocked Drains Burgess Hill

Here at Coastal Drains, we are proud to serve customers throughout Burgess Hill and help attend any drainage problems that may occur in this area. We offer the best drainage services throughout Burgess Hill and believe the success of our business is due to our hard work in ensuring each individual customer has their requirements … Continue reading “Blocked Drains Burgess Hill”