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Professional Water Mains Repairs

Our moling equipment means we can often carry out trenchless water pipe replacements without the need to dig up the driveway or patio. If you have a water supply problem then give us a call, even for advice. We use the latest techniques and technology to carry out emergency repairs or new installations.

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Water Mains Repairs

Emergency Water Mains Repair Services

Whether caused by the natural corrosion of old pipes or bursting from fluctuating temperatures, water mains can develop breakages and leaks. When a water main needs repairing, the surrounding area can be liable to flooding; meaning that costly damage can occur if it isn’t repaired quickly enough. If you find that your water main has stopped working, or isn’t working like it used to, you may have a broken water main on your property.

Our professional engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without callout charges across the South East. When there’s an emergency like a burst water main, we can be with you in under an hour from Bognor to Eastbourne to provide a swift resolution.

Repairs Burst Water Pipe Repair Services

If your water main has developed a leak, has burst, or is overflowing, it is essential that the affected pipe is replaced quickly.

Our burst water main repair services include:

  • Burst water main repair
  • Water moling
  • CCTV drain surveys
  • Emergency plumbing
  • Leak detection

How We Can Help With Emergency Water Mains Repairs

With a specialist technique called moling, the entire process can be completed in a minimally disruptive and clean way – preventing the need to excavate your land or dig any unsightly trenches to reach the area.

As experts in providing swift and effective water main repairs, our highly experienced drainage engineers are always available to deliver the very best services on the market.

With the use of advanced tools and technology, we can not only efficiently examine and detect issues but provide the best solutions to the problem.

If you’re experiencing issues with your water mains, or you need advice or a solution for any drainage issue, get in touch with our team today!

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Water Mains Repairs

Common Reasons for Burst Water Mains Repairs

If you have, or had, a burst water main and wish to prevent further problems down the line, it may be a great idea to recognise some of the most common causes of broken or faulty water mains:

  • Pipe Age and Material: If your pipes were installed before the 1980s, they may be manufactured from cast iron. This material is not as durable as modern materials, like ductile iron and PVC. These older pipes are more prone to corrosion if they cannot effectively expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures.
  • Changes in Water Pressure: Extreme changes in water pressure can really enhance the strain put on your water mains. If this continues, your water main can rupture, resulting in the need for a pipe replacement.
  • Excavation Work: When contractors or property owners carry out excavation work, there is a risk that they may accidentally hit your water main pipes with careless use of machinery. If digging equipment damages or ruptures your water main pipes, this can cause them to burst or leak.
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Being suddenly confronted with a leak or burst water main on your property can be a big cause for worry, especially when you don’t know the extent of the damage being caused.

You know this kind of emergency will need more than just temporary fixes to ensure the problem is permanently resolved, so get in touch with our specialist drainage engineers to find the long-term fixes that ensure your water mains are kept in their best working condition for many more years to come.

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