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Do Gutter Guards Need to Be Cleaned?

Do Gutter Guards Need to Be Cleaned?


Gutter guards, which people also call gutter covers, are a type of accessory attached to the gutters and downspouts to reduce the amount of debris and lower the likelihood of clogged gutters occurring. Guards may be cleaned alongside or separately from the rest of the system.

Do Gutter Guards Need to Be Cleaned?

How Do Gutter Guards Work?

While designs vary depending on the type of gutter guard you buy, the basic idea is a mesh, grille or lattice and trellis-style screen, which covers the length of the guttering.

You can think of a gutter guard as being kind of like a safety net, which most people choose to add to their guttering as it means you will have a much lower need for gutter cleaning overall. 

Do You Need to Clean Gutter Guards? Benefits & Is It Worth It?

The gutter guard system stops debris from accumulating and keeps the water flowing smoothly, but do gutter guards need to be cleaned themselves? The short answer is yes. Although installing gutter guards is a good idea, they still require cleaning as part of home maintenance.

Small particles such as needles from pine trees, seeds, twigs and other vegetation can clog a gutter guard, and enough layers of debris on top will stop the guards from being effective at all, which means the water discharge system of the guttering is not effective either. 

So, although gutter guards reduce the need for cleaning the entire system, regularly cleaning them will give you the following benefits:

  • More effective meshes or grilles, which allow more water through and keep the water running through as smoothly as possible
  • Better looking gutters, which are free from grime and dirt – many people find the green and brown colours of unclean gutters or gutter guards to be very unpleasant
  • Less frequent need to clean the gutters and downpipes, which is because you prevent the build-up of debris on top of the guards and allow the system self-clean to a degree
  • Prevention of premature rust and corrosion for metal gutter guards, which can be very costly to replace on large systems
  • Lower risk of fire, dry vegetation on top of the gutter guards can lead to tinderbox-like conditions when allowed to build up

We provide an exceptional range of drainage and gutter cleaning services in the south coast area of the UK, so we understand why you need to clean them and how to do it effectively. Read on to learn exactly how to clean them for the best results, with a professional step-by-step guide
You can use our professional gutter guard or gutter cleaning services, so please feel free to get in touch with us and will give you a free quote and the lowest price guaranteed.

How to Clean Your Gutter Guards: Step-by-Step Guide & Pro Tips

Clean Your Gutter Guards

Now that you understand how a gutter guard can become clogged and the benefits of cleaning them, you can follow our professional guide and clean them for a more effective system. Before we begin, make sure you take precautions when working at height and use safety equipment such as protective garden gloves, appropriate footwear and sturdy ladders if working at height.

How to Clean Your Gutter Guards in 10 Simple Steps:

  1. Access the guttering and check for any debris on top of the guards
  2. Clear the debris, you can use your hands a long-handled broom or a dustpan and brush – this is easier when it is dry – and dispose of it the same as other garden waste
  3. Look at the cleared guards and check any signs of damage, such as dropped guards, holes, cracks, rust or warping shapes – any damaged guards will need to be replaced
  4. Carefully remove the screws or pry open snap-on gutter guards one at a time
  5. Lower each piece of the guard system to the ground and try not to drop or bend them – having another person help you do so is convenient for this step
  6. Lay out each guard on grass or a soft drop cloth, to avoid damage while cleaning them
  7. Before cleaning with water, run your hands across either side and pluck free any remaining wedged-in vegetation and debris
  8. Clean each of the removed gutter guards on both sides, you can use a garden hose, pressure washer or just a sponge with soap and water – or a combination of all three!
  9. Allow the guards to dry and refit them on top of the gutters, ideally after they have also been cleaned
  10. Test the gutter’s water flow by running water from a hose or watering can through the system

Other tips include investing in a telescopic gutter cleaner, which can take the labour out of cleaning both the gutters and guards but will not be suitable for a deep clean. A telescopic cleaner is also not useful for big blockages, which require manual removal with garden gloves.

When you clean your gutters and gutter guards at the same time you can save a lot of time, so consider professional gutter cleaning for the most thorough results. The benefits of services such as ours include access to advanced tools and cleaning by an experienced, qualified team.

Do Gutter Guards Need to Be Cleaned? Yes! 

Do Gutter Guards Need to Be Cleaned

Every part of a guttering system will need to be cleaned regularly, including any gutter covers and guards you use. By clearing debris on top of the guards and ensuring that the mesh grilles do not have any build-up of residue or other obstructions, you can keep water flowing smoothly.
Cleaner components of your guttering result in more efficient, longer-lasting systems, which is why it is crucial that you clean gutter guards with the same frequency as the rest of the system – twice annually. Contact us for a free quote on professional gutter cleaning on the south coast.