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Finding Burst Water Mains

Reporting an issue with pipes, such as a burst water main, is an important and straightforward process. We’re here to provide help and advice on what to do when you need to report an emergency with leaking pipes or burst water mains outside of your property.

As a homeowner, you will not be responsible for ensuring a water main is repaired after it has burst. A water authority will be in charge of maintaining pipes that supply water to your property from underneath the main road, and will normally also be responsible for the communication pipe. This is the service pipe that leads up to your property boundary from the mains and may be accompanied by a company stop-tap.

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Who Do I Report a Burst Water Main To?

The UK has a list of water companies that operate in different areas. You will need to report a burst water main in your area to your local water company. For most people, this will be a monopoly supplier of both water and sewerage services. You can find out which company is your local authority by using WaterUK’s postcode checker, or by looking at a paper or online copy of your water bill.

It is possible that you will be an individual receiving your water supply from one company and your sewerage services from another. This means that you will be receiving separate bills for both.

How to Report a Burst Water Main

How you go about reporting a burst water main may depend on the company that supplies your water and the nature of the leak you are seeing. Many companies will have an emergency number for you to call if the leak appears to be urgent. Almost, if not all of them, will also have an online form that you can fill out to report the problem.

The amount of time it will take to fix a burst water main depends on the water company for the local area. It may also vary depending on how busy they are and how many other leaks or issues they have to fix elsewhere.

What Causes a Burst Water Main?

Burst water mains can be caused by a range of problems with the system, though experts suggest that they are most often caused by:

  • Deterioration
  • Movement in the ground (caused by cold or dry weather)
  • Failures at pipe joints
  • Traffic load in certain areas causes pressure on the main
  • Tree roots invading the system
  • Other types of damage to the main

If one of these is happening near, but not over, your property boundary, then you will need to report it to your local water authority. If the problem is happening on your property, then you will need to get in touch with a professional service to get repairs carried out.

First Signs of a Burst Water Main

There are a number of different first signs to watch out for, if you think you may have a burst water main somewhere around your property or a damaged pipe on your land. The first signs can include:

  • Water pooling
  • Damp drywall
  • “Watery” sounds (bubbling, whistling, banging, dripping or clanking) coming from utilities or pipes
  • Unpleasant smells
  • Cracks in your home’s foundations
  • Low water pressure in your home
  • Unusually high water bills or water meter readings
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How Coastal Drains Can Help

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As a dedicated drainage company and repair service, we will be glad to help if it becomes apparent that the burst water pipe is on your property. Our skilled engineers will attend to your property equipped with the most effective tools and equipment to ensure the burst section of the pipe is replaced and the system is repaired and restored.

If you are not certain where the burst section of the pipe is in relation to your property boundary, we can also carry out a professional CCTV drain survey and leak detection to find it.

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