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What Are Channel Drains?

Channel drains are also known as trench drains, linear drains, or drainage channels, and they are designed to provide efficient surface water drainage. The installation of channel drains prevents water from building up on non-porous surfaces and ensures that rain from heavy downpours is drained away quickly and efficiently.

In order to efficiently drain as much surface water away as possible, channel drains are generally very long and trough shaped. They often run alongside driveways, car parks, airports, or around the edges of buildings and they are covered with gratings that prevent debris from getting in and blocking the drain.

The Different Types of Channel Drains

Channel drains are manufactured from a number of different materials and each provides different benefits. Below we have listed the three most common types of channel drains.

  • Plastic Channel Drains: Plastic or polypropylene materials are a popular choice for channel drain manufacturing as they are lightweight and durable. Because of this, transporting and installing plastic channel drains is made easy.
  • Concrete Channel Drains: Concrete offers high strength, durability, and chemical resistance – something many look for in a good drainage channel. Concrete channel drains are popular in commercial areas where extensive drain installations need to be carried out in order to serve the building, car park, or airport effectively.
  • Channel Drain Gratings: Available in a wide range of materials, from plastic to iron, channel drain gratings are an essential element of the design as they prevent debris from getting into the trough and blocking the flow of water. It’s probably safe to say that there are more gratings available than types of channels. So, whatever your budget and whatever the aesthetics you are trying to achieve, there will be a grating to suit.

How to Choose a Channel Drain

If you are considering channel drain installation for your property, there are a number of considerations you need to make:

Channel Drain Capacity: You need to consider how much water your channel drain is able to cope with. If you are unsure, call us today. Our experts will be able to advise you on the capacity requirements for your home.

Channel Drain Loading: It is also important to consider channel drain loading. That is, how much weight will be regularly placed on your channel drains? For example, are the channel drains being installed in a car park or an airport? If they are, it is important to consider how much weight the drains can take.

Aesthetic Appeal: It is worth considering the aesthetics you want to achieve with your channel drain installation. Thanks to the many grating options available for channel drains, it is possible to make your channel drain very discreet or a purposeful part of your property’s design.

Areas We Cover

  • Brighton
  • Burgess Hill
  • Hove
  • Horsham
  • Seaford
  • Arundel
  • Eastbourne
  • Storrington
  • Worthing
  • Chichester
  • Crowborough
  • Bognor Regis
  • Haywards Heath
  • Billingshurst
  • Crawley
Coastal Drains

Expert Channel Drain Installation

At Coastal Drains, we offer professional drain installations. So, if you are considering a channel drain installation, we can advise you on the best design for your property and requirements. With many years of experience, we know what it takes to professionally install channel drainage systems with minimal disruption to your property. Every channel drain we install is carried out responsibly by our qualified team.

Channel drains can be installed just about anywhere, significantly reducing the risk of flooding on your property, whether domestic or commercial. We install channel drains in the following places:

  • Driveways
  • Pool decks
  • Gardens
  • Airports
  • Parking lots

If you would like to have a channel drain installed on your property, give us a call today. Our team of experts would be more than happy to talk you through the channel drain installation process and advise you on the best drainage solution for your property.

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