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Why Conduct Drain Inspections?

Over time, drains are subject to a range of external and internal problems that can cause significant damage and instability. If you are wondering why you should conduct a drain inspection, there are a number of reasons:

  • Ground movement causing damage to your drainage pipes
  • Excessive use, including wear and tear from prolonged use over time
  • Tree and plant roots that can invade and penetrate your drainage system
  • Damage caused by pressure as a result of blockages in the pipes
  • External and varying ground pressures
  • Misplaced joints which can result in leaks and damage to pipe structure
  • Collapsed drains that can dramatically weaken the integrity of the pipe system.

Our thorough commercial and domestic drain inspection surveys will be able to check for and reveal any issues that could be affecting your drainage system.

Drain Inspections for Confined Spaces

For smaller diameter pipes, we use colour TV inspection systems that can effectively survey pipes with diameters ranging anywhere from 50mm through to 225mm. The features of these inspections include screen text and auto on-screen meterage readout.

For larger pipe diameters, drains can be surveyed using our main line video drain inspection equipment. We are proud to have portable mainline equipment that can be used even when vehicle access is limited.

Fully Trained Drain Inspection Operators

All of our operators at Coastal Drains are fully trained in sewer and drain inspections, even in confined spaces. So, if you need a drain inspection carried out on your property, our team can offer the highest quality service at an affordable price.

What’s more, if you have any questions our team will be more than happy to answer them.

Expert Domestic Drain Inspection Service

When you engage Coastal Drains for a drain inspection, you will receive a digital copy of the detailed video footage from our inspection, facilitating in-depth analysis and potential use for insurance claims.

Subsequent to the assessment, we will provide a comprehensive report enumerating any detected drainage concerns. Additionally, we will consult with you to discuss potential remedial actions or any necessary interventions.

Drain Inspections when Buying a New House

When contemplating the acquisition of a new property, it is important to commission a home buyer’s drain survey.

At Coastal Drains, we offer this essential service, wherein our team conducts a thorough examination of the property’s drainage system. Our objective is to ascertain the condition of the pipework, ensuring there are no existing or looming issues that might compromise its functionality.

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