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Coastal Drains proudly serves the entire Sussex region, boasting a team of seasoned professionals adept at installing new drains within residential and commercial properties. Whether the objective is to mend a compromised drainage network or to integrate additional piping into an existing system, our team is equipped to handle the task. Beyond our technical proficiency, what truly sets us apart is our commitment to customer service.

Approachable, timely, and unwaveringly professional, we are poised to address a wide array of drainage challenges. We understand the value of financial transparency and fairness, which is why we offer a competitive pricing model accompanied by a guarantee of unmatched affordability for all the services rendered.

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The Signs and Causes of Broken Drains

There are numerous problems within a house or property that can be indicative of serious drainage issues. If you have slow-draining drains, weak water pressure from taps, or water backing through your drains then there may be a fault within your drainage network. Similarly, odd sounds and smells from your pipes could indicate serious problems. A waterlogged lawn is also sometimes indicative of a leaking pipe beneath your garden.

These problems can be caused by a variety of factors. Everyday wear and tear can break up a drainpipe, particularly in climates where freezing and thawing happen. Tree roots can sometimes grow through the exterior of pipes, compromising them. Similarly, animals such as rats can burrow into drains, causing leaks. Alternatively, the issue could be a blockage within your drain, which can usually be solved through drain jetting or drain rodding.

Drain Relining or Replacement?

When it comes to issues with damaged pipes there are two possible solutions, relining and replacement. Drain relining is suitable for smaller breaks and fractures, involving the insertion of a polymer lining into the damaged pipe, securing it and allowing the uninterrupted passage of water.

In cases of more serious damage to your pipes, this will not be adequate, and the pipes will have to be replaced. Depending on where this occurs on your property, we may need to dig up parts of your garden to access the damaged pipe.

Relining is preferable in a lot of cases, but sometimes it simply won’t be effective, and a new pipe will be required.

Installing New Drains

Another reason you may need the services of a drain installation company could be if you are looking to connect a new area of your property to the drainage system. If you are building an extension or an outbuilding with a bathroom, then they will need to be connected to the main drainage system of your property, or alternatively to the mains. Commercial customers may also require drains for a new building.

What We Do

In the cases of damaged drain pipes, the first step will usually be to conduct a CCTV drain survey. This involves inserting a long flexible camera into your drains, using it to search through the drainage network of your property, and then identifying and documenting all problems with pictures and videos. Drainage installations within domestic and commercial properties may involve digging trenches within a garden. For commercial drain installation, larger channel drains may be required.

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Our skilled team prioritise quality work that is punctual and clean, causing as little disruption to your time and your garden as possible. We come highly recommended on sites like Checkatrade, with many years of experience allowing us to complete a wide range of jobs. Whatever problems you may be having with your drains, our professional team will be able to locate and fix them, at a guaranteed low cost. We also offer 24/7 call-outs in the case of a drain emergency.

If you’re looking for new drain installation on either a domestic or commercial property, our skilled team is also available. We can install quality drain systems in line with building regulations, and we can also install drains in commercial properties including channel drains. Whatever your needs, our fully trained team is ready to provide drainage solutions.

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