Burst Water Main? Call The Experts!

The damage that can occur to a house after a residential water main bursts is quite substantial, so it is understandable that people consider it an emergency.

Water line leaks or burst pipes in commercial properties can also cause significant damage, as they may not have people regularly within the building at certain times such as holidays. This can affect the scale of the damage, not to mention the water bill.

If you have a water supply problem then give us a call, even for advice. We use the latest techniques and technology to carry out emergency repairs or new installations.

We are capable of assisting with leaks and repairs in both commercial and residential settings.

Our emergency water main repair services

After a burst water main, repair time can depend on the expertise of the professionals dealing with the leak. Our experts are able to:

  • respond quickly
  • identify the source of the leak
  • drain and remove any standing water

Our watermain repair services are reliable and available in a wide range of areas across the South East of the UK. We will definitely make it to your call out quickly, whether it’s right now or if a problem occurs late at night .

Not sure if you have a problem?

If someone is not sure if there is a problem in their water main, the following signs can make it easier for them to decide when to call us:

  • damp areas on the ceilings or floors
  • poor water pressure
  • low boiler pressure, you can check this on the boiler’s gauge

A burst main, in contrast to a leak, should be a lot more obvious as a burst line involves very large amounts of water.

Water main repair costs

It can be difficult to estimate the actual cost of repairing a burst water main, as it depends on a number of factors.

Factors that may affect costs include:

  • the scale of the leak
  • the location of the leak
  • the length of pipe in the affected water line

Replacing a longer length of burst water line will increase the cost of overall repair. If the location of the pipe is somewhere hard to reach, such as underground, this will also affect the cost.

The level of damage can also affect costs. We aim to keep the average cost down to a minimum. As a water main repair company we also endeavour to provide a service that minimises any disruption.

Water main repair time

We always attempt to fix burst water lines in the fastest possible time. However, similarly to the costs of repair, how long a burst pipe will take to fix depends on factors including:

  • how big the leak may be
  • the level of damage
  • the difficulty of access to the pipe

The scale of the problem can affect the timescale of repairing the burst or leaking line. Large scale commercial buildings with burst mains may take longer than a residential leak in a house, for example.

Finding the source of the problem may also affect the time it takes to repair the leak. We always try to make repairs in a timely fashion, but also must balance this with effectively fixing the issue.

Water Main Repairs


If you have a water supply problem then give us a call, even for advice. We use the latest techniques and technology to carry out emergency repairs or new installations.

Our moling equipment means we can often carry out trenchless water pipe replacement without the need to dig up the driveway or patio. Just two small pits and the moling equipment burrows between the two, avoiding surface disruption. This saves time and money offering a cost effective water pipe replacement for both commercial and domestic services.

Septic tank pumping

Lead pipes can cause health issues and the lower bore often results in poorer water supply.

Our engineers can replace your existing lead pipes quickly and efficiently, from the boundary to the rising main stopcock within the property.

Where the water pipe is in poor condition, or the customer elects to have a new mains water replacement supply pipe, our engineers will install a new water mains piping service quickly and with minimum disruption using impact moling wherever possible.

Areas We Cover for Watermain Repairs

  • Brighton
  • Hove
  • Seaford
  • Eastbourne
  • Worthing
  • Crowborough
  • Haywards Heath
  • Crawley
  • Burgess Hill
  • Horsham
  • Arundel
  • Storrington
  • Chichester
  • Bognor Regis
  • Billingshurst

Whatever the problem, call Coastal Drains Ltd even if you just want advice.