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3 Storey Gutter Cleaning Methods

3 Storey Gutter Cleaning Methods


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Regardless of height, gutter cleaning is an essential aspect of household maintenance. Clogged gutters pose a series of aesthetic and structural risks to a property, and will need to be emptied of debris and waste to allow water to drain. 

Cleaning 3-storey gutters can pose an issue for homeowners, as the height required makes ladder work unsafe and difficult. In this guide from Coastal Drains, we’ll explore the methods available for 3-storey gutter cleaning, explaining the tools needed to thoroughly remove debris.

Why 3-Storey Gutters Need Cleaning

Gutters are a key aspect of the drainage network on a house or commercial property, helping to move wastewater into drains. They can become blocked by a range of things, including leaves, dirt, twigs, and algae. When either the guttering or the downpipe is blocked, this can cause water to overflow or back up, leading to a variety of issues.

As water overflows from gutters it can pool on roofs, run-down outer walls, and pool at the base of a building. Water that pools on a roof can cause mould and dampness on the interior of your home, including dangerous black mould. In extreme cases, this dampness can grow into damage, with partial collapse a possibility. 

Water that runs down walls will lead to unsightly exterior markings and mould growth, and can also damage doors and windows. When water pools at the base of a building it can damage the foundations, sometimes requiring expensive repairs. In houses with basements, it can lead to dampness and mould growth on internal walls. If the downpipe of a gutter is blocked this can become a home for insect nests, offering dampness, darkness and warmth. This can include wasp nests, requiring work to remove them.

Gutter cleaning is accomplished through a range of tools, and is recommended at least yearly, preferably in Autumn after the leaves have dropped. In cases where you believe your gutters are currently blocked, however, you should look to immediately clean your gutters.

How to Clean Gutters on a 3-Storey House

Common methods of cleaning gutters, such as using a gutter scoop at the top of a ladder can be dangerous and unsuitable for homeowners at the height of a 3-storey house. Most will not own a ladder of that height, and the risk associated with an unsecured climb, particularly one that requires you to reach out into your guttering, makes this an unviable option. The height requirements can also render a lot of gutter cleaning tools unsuitable, such as those involving garden hoses with extension poles, as they will lack the necessary reach. 

The most likely option for 3-storey gutter cleaning from the ground would be using a gutter vacuum. Gutter vacuums have long-length telescopic poles, with options that can extend them to the height of a  3-storey building. They will use a powerful motor to suck up debris from all types of gutters, removing dirt, twigs, and dry leaves. 

This suction will also allow larger objects or pieces to be removed from gutters, though they may need to be dropped rather than vacuumed. Many gutter vacuums will also come with a leaf-blower setting, allowing them to be used to blow dry debris from a gutter easily. Using a wet-dry vacuum will also allow you to hoover any stagnant liquid within your gutters. Gutter vacuums are available for rent, allowing you to clean your own guttering, or alternatively, you can engage the services of a professional gutter cleaner.

Some 3-storey homes may have further issues, and there is an alternative option for homeowners. By utilising scaffolding or a cherry picker a wider array of gutter cleaning options will be available, while still maintaining safety. This can grant better access but will come at a higher cost. Some gutter cleaning services will employ a cherry picker or set up scaffolding in order to access your 3-storey gutters.

Professional 3-Storey Gutter Cleaning

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Coastal Drains operates across Sussex, offering a thorough gutter cleaning service that can include 3-storey gutter cleaning. Our skilled team will utilise the latest gutter cleaning tools to thoroughly clean your gutters and downpipes, ensuring the long-term performance of your guttering. We can also clean the exterior of guttering, and perform gutter maintenance to ensure each piece is correctly fitted without leaks. 

Coastal Drains has earned a sterling 5star rating on Checkatrade, and we are happy to beat any local price for cleaning gutters, guaranteed.
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