How Can You Tell If You Have a Blocked Shower Drain?

Slow-Draining Water

There are numerous telling signs of blocked shower drains. Often, the first time the problem is realised is when a puddle of water has formed in the bottom of the shower because the water isn’t draining properly. As soon as you notice slow running water in your shower, you need to put prevention methods in place and do your best to clear out your shower drain pipes.

Gurgling Sounds

If you listen carefully, can you hear a gurgling, groaning sound coming from the shower plughole? It’s the same kind of sound you might hear after flushing the toilet. Gurgling sounds is one of the first signs of a blocked drain. It’s a sign that there is trapped air pushing its way through the pipes.

Bad Odours

Nobody likes unpleasant odours. However, a bad smell coming from your shower drain can be a very telling sign that you’re dealing with blocked drains.

Find Out How to Unblock Your Shower Drain, Fast

Author: Greg Child

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