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What is a Drainage Culvert?

What is a Drainage Culvert?


Here at Coastal Drains, our experts have knowledge that only comes from years of experience in the drainage industry. Our drainage engineers are the best at what they do – carrying the most recent industry-standard equipment in order to bring the best drainage services to domestic and commercial properties throughout Sussex. We will always try our best to make sure the solutions needed to fix broken pipes and blocked drains are the least invasive options; meaning you don’t have to worry about having a large excavation going on on your property. 

However, when you require larger drainage solutions, such as the installation of a drainage culvert, our drainage engineers have the expertise to carry out large and invasive jobs in a professional and efficient manner. Our team of highly trained professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any drainage issues you may be facing.

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What is a Drainage Culvert?

A drainage culvert is a structure, such as a pipe, that allows water to freely flow under various obstructions. These pipes provide effective stormwater management – allowing the free flow of water under roads, trails, and railways. These pipes and structures do tend to be underground, embedded or covered by soil, however they can be above ground. When it comes to materials, reinforced concrete drainage culvert pipes are the usual choice, but you can also have galvanized steel corrugated culvert drainage pipes; and other materials. 

The Different Types of Drainage Culverts

Drainage culverts are often used as cross-drains, as well as being used to relieve and drain ditches on the roadside – preventing them from overflowing with water through the culvert drainage ditch. They are mainly used to allow for the passage of water under a road at natural streams. Culverts can also be used for storm crossings, such as the passage of pedestrians or traffic across a waterway, or runoff management – for example, storm drain culverts.

Drainage culverts can come in various shapes and sizes, such as round, elliptical, flat, open bottomed, and even box-like constructions. Knowing the correct size and shape culvert to use depends on factors such as upstream limitations, the height of the road / pathway, as well as the hydraulic performance of the waterway.

Our experts at coastal drains will always ensure that your culvert pipe is installed correctly. This is to minimise any damage to the surrounding area, along with measures being taken to protect the new culvert from future erosion. 

If you’re looking to install a drainage culvert, we can provide the most cost effective drainage culvert prices. For a quote, contact us today. 

Concrete Culvert Drainage Systems

These drainage culverts are an effective solution to your drainage problems, being recognised for their quality of manufacturing, consistent strength and is easy to place. All concrete systems with a diameter of 1200DN and over are fitted with spherical lifted anchors, which fit 10-tonne lifting shackles, as standard. These anchors can be installed on smaller pipes on request. 

Concrete drainage systems feature multiple properties, such as compressive strength, density, water absorption, water/cement ratio, and alkalinity, which enable the pipe to be less susceptible to damage during its initial construction. All of these variables increase the durability of the pipe, ensuring that it doesn’t need to be repaired very often. 

All of our Spigot & Socket Pipes are designed to meet the requirements of BS EN 1916 and BS 5911-1. This ensures that we provide the highest quality pipes and peace of mind when installed.

Looking to install a concrete culvert drainage system? Our experts at Coastal Drains will be more than happy to help. Contact us today.

Galvanised Steel Drainage Culverts

Our galvanised corrugated steel drainage culverts feature a system based around curved, corrugated, galvanised steel sheets which are bolted together to form durable structures that can be deployed in a variety of construction roles. The galvanisation offers 360 degree protection, which protects every part of the structure from corrosion and other damage. Because of the extremely high durability of the drainage culvert design, they typically have a shelf life of at least 120 years, and are also fire resistant. 

Due to the nature of its manufacturing process, once a galvanised steel product is manufactured, it can be used right away. The pipe can simply be erected, allowing you to swiftly move on to the next stage of construction.

If you would like a galvanised steel drainage culvert installed by our experts at Coastal Drains, contact us today.

Box Culverts

Our team of experts at Coastal Drains can install precast concrete box culverts, which are designed and manufactured in accordance with EN 14844, in either square or rectangle units. They come in both standard and bespoke sizes which can be manufactured to your specification, and they can also be used as single, or multi-unit runs. The smooth finish also enables an excellent mechanical and hydraulic performance, which is suitable for being situated in multiple areas; such as highways, storm water or foul sewers, and many more. They can also be used as driveway drainage culverts.

Their hard-wearing and durable design allows for a long life, enabling this type of culvert to last for at least 120 years with minimal maintenance required. To find out more about where box culverts can be quickly easily installed, or if you’re looking for a quote on price for our expert drainage engineers to install box culverts for you, contact us today.

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