Blocked Drain and Drain Repair Littlehampton

Here at Coastal Drains, we pride ourselves on being the best drain company offering unblocking services along the south coast of England. Working in a variety of areas throughout Sussex, we love getting to know the areas we’re frequently called out to, as we feel this gives us a firmer understanding of not just our clients, but the culture surrounding these areas.

We understand that blocked drains can be a serious hassle to your everyday life, and we’re here to help. No matter how big or small the problem, we can guarantee that every client will receive the same level of dedicated service no matter the situation.

Some Common Causes Blockages

  • Hair clogging
  • Nappies
  • Oils & Fats
  • Wipes (face wipes, kitchen wipes etc)
  • Condoms
  • Coffee Granules
  • Paint
  • Food

Having a blocked drain is a very common problem, you may think that the remainder of your coffee or some crumbs won’t amount to blockage immediately, but overtime, the cost to rectify this can be costly.

Flushing these items down your drain will inevitably lead to it being blocked, so be sure to think twice before pouring the remainder of your leftovers down the sink or toilet.

Our Guarantee

We aim to deliver top class service to every client we meet. This means you can expect the following levels of service:

Quick, Efficient Service – our team are trained to handle even the trickiest of jobs with swift proficiency, ensuring we do not disturb the client’s busy day-to-day life

Advice on Further Prevention – we believe that by educating our clients further on how to avoid drainage problems, they will not only know how to fix the problem, but they’ll know how to prevent the problem from occurring again

Qualified Staff – once you call us, you can be sure that our certified staff will be on hand to deliver high quality service, no matter the problem.

Knowing Where We Work

What makes part of our job so rewarding is being able to visit areas we rarely find ourselves in.

Littlehampton for example, is a city bursting with activities and culture. The seaside town’s main attractions include the famously unusual East Beach Cafe, Harbour Park and the attractive seafront Long Bench. This is a very communal town that delights in small fancies such as these.

We found that many of Littlehampton’s annual events take place on their seafront, or around the harbour area. Such events include the summer Carnival and their firework display in October.

In short, you will find that this seaside town is alive with activities and cultural events, with each event bringing it’s own uniqueness.

So, Give Us a Call!

Why wait? Even if you have a small query about a blocked drain, our friendly, dedicated staff are here to help in any way possible.