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Mains Water Connection Cost


Whatever the style of your home or commercial building, whether it’s a fully-fledged eco house or a straightforward domestic property, you will need a mains water connection.. The question of where these services come from and how much they cost is a consideration for everyone. 

If you are considering a mains water connection, it is important to note that the regulations covering new connections are not the same across England and Wales. In this article, we will be focusing primarily on the cost of getting a water supply connection in England. 

What is the Cost of Connecting to Mains Water in the UK? 

It is important to note that mains water service connection charges are payable for each individual service connection made. Therefore, costs can vary significantly, depending on the type of work you’re having carried out. However, the cost of most mains water connections start at around £500. 

To make a water connection, a service pipe will be laid in the street from your property’s boundary to the closest water main. If there is no water main near your property, a new water main may need to be constructed or the existing water main may need to be extended. 

What Can a Water Company Charge for a New Water Connection? 

If you are getting a new water connection, it’s important to be aware of how much water companies charge – what’s normal and what isn’t. Every water company is required to publish all of their water connection costs on their website. The costs that a water company can reasonably charge for include: 

  • The administrative costs included in processing an application for a new connection. 
  • The cost of providing the connection itself. This is typically based on the length of the connection between the existing main and the point of connection. 
  • Any other costs that may be incurred in the process of making the connection, such as traffic management costs, if required. 

What to Do If You are Unhappy with the Cost 

If you are unhappy with the amount your water company has charged you for a new water main connection, you can complain directly to the water company. Every company has a process whereby they review any complaints made to them regarding their costs. If this does not help, you can contact the Consumer Council for Water to review your complaint. Although the Consumer Council for Water has no formal responsibility to review charges, they can help challenge companies to review their charges where appropriate. 

Who Needs a Water Main Connection? 

If you need water sent into your property, you will need to apply for a new water connection. If you are planning to build new homes on a development site, you will need a water main to be installed so that clean water can be pumped to the properties. It is common for a new replacement water supply to be requested when: 

  • New premises are being built on vacant land
  • There is a need to replace old lead, galvanised and other metallic pipes
  • An existing property is demolished and a new property or properties are being constructed 
  • There is an increase in water usage, which requires a larger sized water connection 
  • A property is divided into multiple properties
  • A property is on existing common supply and requires a separate supply. 

It is the responsibility of the land owner, or someone with significant interest in the land, who needs to apply for a new mains water connection. Therefore, it is the applicant’s responsibility to organise the content in the application form and sign the declaration at the end of the form. 

Who Provides Your Water Main Connection?  

If you need a new water supply connection, it is important to decide for yourself who will provide it. Laying a new water main connection can be carried out by any of the following: 

  • Local monopoly water company 
  • An accredited self-lay provider (if you choose this option, you will have to agree to the terms and conditions). 
  • New appointee. Your new appointee is your local monopoly water company.

Drainage and Water Options 

If you are buying a rural plot of land that has no history of housing then you may find that connecting to a water main is going to be expensive. If this space is based on a brownfield site (an area that has been built on the past, but not for residential use), any historic water supplies may be unreliable as the water is likely to be pumped through lead or corroded steel pipes, neither of which are good options for drinking water. 

If you are replacing an existing property on the land, then you will need to investigate what type of water supply is in place. Due to increasing demand for water in domestic and commercial properties, we are increasingly reliant on good water pressure, so it’s important to remember that old houses may have pipework that needs upgrading. 

Before You Apply for a New Mains Water Connection 

It is important to gather the following information before getting in touch with your local water authority because it will make everything so much easier for you: 

  • Find out the location of the nearest water main. 
  • You need to be certain that there are no water main pipes travelling through your site. 
  • Find out whether you will need permission to traverse someone else’s land. 
  • Understand the size (diameter) of the pipe you need. This will be governed by your intended use of the pipes and the distance of the water main to your property. 
  • Be clear about when you need the connection to be made before applying,  as you will need to explain this when making your application. 

Why You Might Need a Mains Water Connection 

There are many reasons why homeowners may need a new mains water connection, such as:  

  • You need to upsize or relocate the water supply for your property. 
  • The existing property is demolished for a new property or properties to be developed. 
  • The existing water supply in your property is old and affecting water quality or pressure. 
  • The existing property is on a common shared supply. 
  • The existing property is divided into flats or multiple properties. 

Whatever your reason for needing a new mains water connection, whether it’s listed above or not, a new connection is essential for a clean supply of water to your property. 

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