Professional Gutter Cleaning in Horsham

Dirty Gutter in Need of Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is an important part of property maintenance that both cleans your gutters and restores rainwater flow to your gutter systems. Our team specialise in cleaning and clearing gutters in Horsham, covering both domestic and commercial properties. Our service is fast, affordable and non-invasive. We clear and clean gutters blocked with vegetation, silt, moss and debris that, when left, can cause costly damage to your walls and roof. 

We offer a low-price guarantee and fixed quotes for all gutter cleaning carried out in Horsham and across West Sussex. 

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How We Clean Gutters in Horsham

Gutter cleaning in Horsham relies on two core processes; identifying what’s causing the blockages and the height and location of the gutters. Once these factors have been addressed, we will be able to provide an accurate quote for gutter cleaning and send one or two members of our cleaning team to your property. The work is carried out swiftly with minimal invasiveness, often being completed in as little as a few hours but for larger commercial properties, this may take longer. 

The process itself involves removing the debris that has become lodged in your guttering. This may be twigs, leaves, tile pieces, moss and general debris that has built up over the months or years. Starting with the downspout, we remove all debris using a special trowel and gloves, we then safely pick up and remove the larger bits of debris and place them into a bucket. Once all the major debris has been removed, we will then use a drain jet or hose to flush out the gutters and downspouts. This method removes all dirt and grime that is too difficult to remove by hand. Using a hose or drain jet, we will also be able to identify if there are any hidden blockages if we find the water isn’t draining properly. 

Once finished, we can also install gutter guards or offer advice to help alleviate the risk of your gutters becoming blocked. In some cases, it might simply be a case of trimming hedgerows and treetops back. 

Gutter cleaning is an important part of exterior household maintenance and should be carried out at least once per year. Horsham, being a rural town, is more prone to tree and shrubbery debris blowing into your gutters. When this is left for too long, the twigs, leaves and moss will build up and create blockages in the gutter line, causing water to pour over onto ceilings and walls. 

The Benefits of Having Your Gutters Cleaned in Horsham

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Booking to have your gutters cleaned once a year can help negate the risk of more severe problems further down the line. When debris is left to build up in your gutters, not only will it affect the gutter’s structural integrity but the overflowing water can cause damp and mould issues. When damp and mould are left to set on your walls and rooftop, it can cause the following issues:

  • Permanent roof damage – Pooled water on a rooftop can cause serious damp and mould issues which in turn, can start to affect the roof’s structural integrity. Over time, your roof may even start to sink or crumble as the water continues to seep into its foundations. Roof repair can cost thousands of pounds to repair, so opting for gutter cleaning is a much safer and financially beneficial way to dodge this problem.
  • Wall and floor foundational damage – When water begins to overflow from your gutters, it can start to run down your walls and pool at the bottom of your property. Over time, the water will wear down your walls and foundations, causing structural damage. The cost to repair the foundations of a property can be costly, ranging anywhere from £300 to £8,000.
  • Mould – Mould occurs in damp environments over time and can cause both health and structural issues. When left to thrive, mould will grow inside your gutters, stopping the flow of water and causing blockages. 
  • Insect Problems – Insects and pests are commonly found in debris-filled areas and will begin making nests the longer they’re left. Wasps, termites, ants and other insect nests are typically found in and around neglected gutters and these nests can become a problem for the inside of your property as well. Insect nest removal can be a costly and invasive process, so it’s best to avoid this with routine gutter maintenance in Horsham. 

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Gutter cleaning in Horsham is essential for the continued upkeep and functionality of your gutter systems. Our team specialise in the swift and efficient clearance of commercial and residential guttering to restore flow and keep your gutters clean of debris. 

If your guttering has become damaged due to the debris, we can also repair and replace damaged sections if required.

We offer a low-price guarantee for all gutter cleaning services in Horsham. Contact our team today to receive your free quote and book a time and a date to have your gutters cleaned and cleared.