Professional Gutter Cleaning in Littlehampton

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Gutter cleaning is an important aspect of property maintenance that is both cost-effective and ensures your gutters remain clean, clear and operational. 

Our gutter cleaners provide fast and non-invasive gutter cleaning across Littlehampton, covering residential and commercial properties. Our cleaners come equipped to clean and flush out all types of guttering and arrive promptly at your property at a time and date that suits you. Whether your gutters simply require routine maintenance and cleaning or they have become blocked due to a build-up of moss, silt, tile pieces or general debris, we offer a low-price guarantee for gutter cleaning across Littlehampton.

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How We Clean Your Gutters in Littlehampton

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Gutter cleaning is a labour-intensive and somewhat unpleasant task that is better carried out by professionals. Once you have booked a time and a date, one or two of our gutter cleaners will arrive at your property to carry out the work. How many cleaners we send will depend on the size of your property (larger commercial properties typically require more cleaners).

What We Use

Our cleaners will come equipped with ladders and tools to ensure they’re able to clean and clear any type of gutter as well as any blockages. Starting at the downspout, we will begin by removing all debris from your gutters using a trowel-like tool and disposing of the debris into a waste bucket. Once all gutters have been cleared of major debris, we will then use a jet wash to clean and clear any smaller bits of debris as well as flush out your gutter systems. This will also alert us to any hidden blockages further down the line and we will be able to identify and resolve the issue. 

In the event that we discover your gutters have become damaged due to the build-up debris, we will advise and offer our repair services. We will also be able to advise on ways to keep your gutters clean throughout the seasons; simple alterations such as trimming back hedges, trees and shrubbery may reduce gutter debris buildup.

The Importance of Routine Gutter Maintenance in Littlehampton

How often you need your gutters cleaned in Littlehampton depends on a few things, namely the location of your house. For example, if your property is in a rural area where trees overhang your property or if you’re located by the sea and subject to coastal winds, you may need more frequent gutter cleaning. We’d recommend that every property has its gutters cleaned a minimum of once a year. Regular maintenance and cleaning could save you a small fortune on repairs to both your gutters and your property’s walls, roof and foundations.

What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Gutters?

Failing to have your gutters regularly cleaned and cleared in Littlehampton can result in more severe issues that can start to affect your property’s structural integrity. For example, if your gutters become blocked and start to overflow, water can run down from the walls and seep into the interior. This can result in dampness and mould forming, which can cause health issues as well as structural damage. When water pools on the floor of your property, it can disrupt its foundations and in severe cases, may require foundational resetting. 

Mould and dampness are the most common problems relating to gutter cleaning and while they may seem like a minor inconvenience, if these issues are not treated immediately, they can cause severe problems in the future. 

In some scenarios, you may find that insects have created nests in and around your gutters. This is more common when the gutter surrounds a cracked wall, as insects prefer to create nests in these areas as they’re less exposed to the elements. Having a wasp or insect nest on your property is not only invasive (and dangerous) but it will cost money to remove. 

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Alongside our fast and effective gutter cleaning service, we offer a low-price guarantee across Littlehampton. To book a time and date for our cleaners to visit your property, please call or email us below.