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Brighton Blocked Drains Clearance, Cleaning and Repair

Coastal Drains Ltd was formed in April 2006 and specialise in drain unblocking. We operate throughout the Brighton area and are 5 star rated according to our customners on Check-a-Trade. We offer drainage services to clients throughout Brighton, so call us now for a free quote.

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Fast Response and Emergency Drainage Services Across Brighton and Hove

Coastal Drains have a fantastic history of unblocking drains throughout the Brighton and Hove area and are experts in our field.

We have a team of experts on hand to get to your property in Brighton quickly, diagnose and fix the problem. We offer a range of services, including drain clearance, toilets, cleaning and emergency 24-hour call-outs.

Rapid Emergency Callouts

If you are covered by accidental damage on your insurance policy and you have a damaged drain then we can deal with your insurance claim on your behalf. We carry out the CCTV survey and prepare a report which is sent to your insurance company and yourself. No stress or fuss for you.

Have an emergency? We have a rapid response team that can get to you quickly.

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How We Work

To unblock drains we use high-pressure jetting equipment, which ranges in power from 2,000 PSI to 10,000 PSI. We have an expert team trained in finding the root of the problem quickly and effectively. Our van, trailer and lorry-mounted units can meet any requirements including problematic access to the site. We also carry out root cutting, de-greasing, de-scaling, and cleansing of pipework with various specialist jet heads. We have JetVac vehicles at our disposal to empty the system preventing flooding until the defective pipework is returned to service.

Our Drainage Services in Brighton

Brighton is a city with a rich history and a lot of the properties are Victorian. This means we frequently have customers calling us about their blocked drains. Our testimonials on Check-a-Trade and elsewhere attest to the standard of our work, and we take pride in doing a thorough cost effective job. If you have blocked drains and you live in Brighton or Hove then call us today for free advice and quote.

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Blocked Sink and Toilets

As one of the leading drainage companies in the UK, we know all too well how frustrating having blocked drains can be. This is why our team here at Coastal Drains offer quick, trusted and efficient service to all of our clients within the Brighton and Hove area.

Prevention is better than a cure and our work merits that concept. Why? Because we believe that educating our customers on how to manage their drain issues in the future can help cut costs in regard to regularly calling drain experts to fix problems that could have been prevented with some simple tips.

Keeping your drains in top condition is our main aim. So, if you think you may have issues with blocked drains, why not give our team here at Coastal Drains a call? Even if it’s for some friendly advice, our team are here to answer any concerns or queries that you may have.

Coastal Drains are your go-to drainage company in Brighton. We tackle horrible jobs so you don’t have to. And yes, that does include fixing the pesky problem of a blocked toilet.

Here at Coastal Drains, we know from experience that having a blocked toilet is one of the most frustrating problems in any bathroom. Repairing a blocked toilet may seem like a simple task but it is often caused by a far more serious blockage further along your piping system. If you have a blocked toilet, give us a call so that we can unblock it for you and prevent any further damage.

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Patch Lining in Brighton & Hove

Patch lining is another alternative stress-free method to the excavation that we use to repair damaged pipes and which solves and reduces the risk of repurposing problems like leaks, root intrusion damage, rat infestation, offset and open joints. This method avoids the line or the excavation of the whole pipe when the damage is localised in a few points.

Through a CCTV inspection of the pipe, it is possible to establish the location of the damaged area(s). Then the patch liner material is covered with resin and mounted on an inflatable tube which is inserted into the pipe and inflated to bond the patch with the damaged section of the pipe.

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